Nutrition consultations

Łukasz Sieńczewski – dietician, nutrition specialist

He graduated from dietetics at the University of Physical Education in Poznań. During studies, he conducted research in the field of supplementation in physically active people.

Currently, he specializes mainly in the field of elimination and rotation diets created on the basis of IgE / IgG / IgA food hypersensitivity tests and intestinal microbiota evaluation. He offers a targeted probiotics, nutritional therapy and supplementation in patients with autism spectrum disorders, atherosclerosis, celiac disease and many other health issues. He also deals with nutrition and supplementation in autoimmune diseases, among others insulin resistance, rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto thyroiditis. He conducts lectures and workshops in the field of probiotics and elimination and rotation diets as key elements preventing from selected diseases and relieving their clinical course. He obtained level IV certificate in the field of nutrition and supplementation in sport in the International Fitness & Aerobic Academy. Mr Sienczewski systematically extends his knowledge by participating in numerous nationwide trainings and workshops in the field of general dietetics, supplementation in sport, clinical dietetics, food chemistry and diets used in metabolic diseases. He gained his experience by taking part in numerous foreign trainings (Canada, Great Britain) in the field of Sport Nutrition, Child Nutrition and Personal Nutrition.

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