The extended profile of MicroFloraScan PLUS, apart from the preparation of individual probiotic and prebiotic supplementation (MicroFloraSCAN), includes an additional assessment of inflammatory parameters within the gastrointestinal tract (calprotectin, M2-PK + faecal occult blood) and evaluation of gut barrier integrity (zonulin). Long-term intestinal dysbiosis may lead to the development of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and disrupt the intestinal barrier integrity. Consequently, food hypersensitivity leading to further deterioration of health may be developed.

The MicroFloraScan PLUS test includes the following parameters:

  •  Selected bacteria abundance evaluation
  •  Yeast-like fungi from the genus Candida concentration
  • Markers of inflammation (calprotectin, M2-PK + faecal occult blood)
  • Assessment of intestinal permeability (zonulin)

The assessment of markers of inflammation is a non-invasive screening method for the determination of gastrointestinal inflammation and may NOT serve as a substitute for endoscopic diagnostics (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, laparoscopy).


1. Order a set to collect sample
2. Collect faeces at home
3. Fill in an order form together with a short medical history
4. Pack the biological material (faeces) into the protective kit
5. Send the parcel by courier (delivery time is up to 2 days from the time of sampling)

MicroForaSCAN-MicroFloraSCAN PLUS regulations

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