The FoodScreen IgG class USBiotek test is the most unique diagnostic test on the Polish market that provides full diagnosis of food allergies of a latent type. The laboratory where the samples are evaluated, holds certificates and accreditation of the best laboratory accreditation agencies and centers (COLA, CLIA, Washington Department of Health, CAP). It therefore provides guarantee of the highest quality of all diagnostic tests available on the market.

Only reliable diagnostic evaluation may serve as basis for an effective dietary intervention!

Why the FoodScreen IgG class test is worth to perform?

  • easy and painless sampling: capillary blood (collected from the finger) – the only test in Poland using capillary blood; venous blood may also be used
  • the test results are delivered with the food elimination principles and guidelines and the proposal for a rotation diet
  • each test is performed in duplicate and the analysis is blinded
  • very low coefficient of variation (the highest repeatability)
  • diagnostic reliability of the test confirmed by accreditation certificates

A clear result provided with food elimination and rotation rules

The diet created on the basis of the FoodScreen IgG class USBiotek test enables the implementation of a correct and targeted elimination and rotation diet, contributing to a rapid and noticeable improvement in health of patients suffering from latent food hypersensitivity.


1. Order a set to collect biological sample
2. Collect the blood using manufacturer’s procedure
3. Send the kit back to VitaImmun Medical Center
4. Familiarize yourself with the results
5. Contact VitaImmun by phone to discuss any doubts

FoodScreen IgG class USBiotek test is available in the following food panels:

  • IgG class/96 nutrients
  • IgG class/112 nutrients
  • IgG/IgA class/96 nutrients
  • IgG/IgA class/112 nutrients

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